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In 2016 we plan a project line-up in which we want to train young people in adventure education and project development on the international, cultural exchange fundaments.

20.02 – 5.03 Kick off meeting takes place in Germany from  in Fahren, the base of our organization.

During that time we want to develop ideas for upcoming projects. The main ideas has already been created by the participants of the projects in 2015, but we are open for new (your) ideas. We want to brainstorm, get to know each other and get the participants familiar with adventure education.

Open for: 7 Ukrainians, 7 polish youth guides, 5 German (update 15.02: we are still searching for 3  Polish paricipants and 4 Germans under 27!! ) Travel and project costs are covered.
21.03 – 14.04.2016 Taiga Adventure in Siberia, East Sayan Mountains and Tiberkul Lake. Age 18+

The project will be based around 4 different villages and a Tiberkul lake, all in Irkuck area, 100 km away from Abakan.

The main ideas for this project are:
1. Outdoor experiences under the winter taiga conditions (about -20 degrees) in the extraordinary landscape, such as: skiing, snowshoeing, pulka, building an igloo.
2. Handcrafting experience while building a block house under wilderness conditions. (On the project in 2015 we have made stone fundaments to the house.)
3. Art experiences including Tango and Acrobatics shared with local people that live in 4 small villages around the area.
This is just a very base of the ideas for the project. Our job in kick off meeting in February is to develop and pimp it up.

Open for: 5 Ukrainians, 5 Russians, 5 French. ( update: we need 3-4 french participants!!) Travel and project costs are covered.
21.05.- 19.06.2016 Ukrainian Pilgrimage Age 18-30

We developed the main idea for this project with participants from UA, RU and Crimea in 2015. We want to make a pilgrimage for peace through different landscape areas in Ukraine. Our prime thought was to walk through those areas and integrate with local people, sharing our culture, experiences and just being together. This project will get more detailed in February.

We are currently searching for a partner organization in Ukraine and in Crimea.

03.-24.07.2016 Refugee-Project , Saxon Switzerland

Many of the war refugees have arrived to Germany, the migration movement also goes through Poland and Ukraine. The project idea is to organize a holiday camp with refugees’ children from 4 countries in Germanys’ most beautiful sandrock climbing area and get to know young refugees on their way.
Open for: 5 Ukrainians + one group leader, 5+1 Polish, 5+1 Russians. Age 14-19


31.07.-21.08.2016 Siberian migrating „One World Café“

This project is a continuation of the same project that happened in summer 2015.
With a portable Yurt and wooden cafeteria we go on journey through villages in South Siberia. Our plan is to do performance cultural events with local people and practical help to support local youth projects. Last year, beside serving coffee to local people, we created a theatre for children, made fire shows and played improvised and folk music with locals by the fire place. We are searching for creative, easy going, open-minded and adaptive people with handcraft, artistic and well developed social skills.

Open for: 9+1 Ukrainians, 9+1 Germans, 9+1 Russians. Aged 16-24. Travel and project costs are supported.

Project development training for youth guides in Saxon Switzerland / October 2016
…more details coming up soon.

FOR NGOs: We are searching for new partners, who can imagine to work with us in Germany, Poland, Ukraine, France, Russia and obviously in all the other countries we have yet not worked with!
If you have any questions, please contact us:
Horst, Georg, Evgeniya and the Grüner Grashalm Team

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