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A transport-bicycle is born

By , 4. January 2013 4:36 pm

The world can be happy about a new transport-bicycle. With the help of young people from Nordwest-Mecklenburg, interested streetworkers and good advises of Jonglirium e.V., we recycled old army beds, pipes and rest of old bicycles. The result is a completely well working transport-bicycle. (for 100 – 200kg)
Beside the work we have been cooking, talking about our ideas and laughing a lot – especially in the evening, when the concentration became smaller and smaller …

This project was financed by Landkreis Norwest-Mecklenburg. – Thanks for financial help to Landkreis Nordwest-Mecklenburg, all the helpers, organizers and material donators.

Winter-wandering in Slovakia

By , 31. March 2012 4:48 pm

At the beginning of March 2012, there was a typical Grashalm winter tour in the Low Tatras. With only four persons we had been a small and familiar team.
Already on the first day Tom found a Red deer antler, which we could use as a tent peg later. On the next morning bear traces revealed that we’d been visited over night …

When we made some kilometres by hitch-hiking, the driver would have been stucked without our help.
In a guesthouse we freed ourselves from cold and hangover, before we reached the crest of Low Tatras.
As beautiful as the sun had been shining the days before, as strongly now a heavy storm was yearning around us, we didn’t dare to go on.
Next day all this had been compensated by a heated mountain hut and the view onto sun over the clouds.
Often rain fell onto the snow, so we really had been depending on snow shoes with spikes.
Next year again!!

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