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Our november

By , 28. November 2016 8:38 pm


Im Reich des Waldes

The autumn bids us frosty but sunny farewell. Our house in Fahren is getting empty. It has been a long time since we have updated our homepage. By now we have experienced a lot, felt a lot, thought a lot, planned a lot and initiated a lot. Many adventurous, breathtaking, happy, exciting moments were captured with our cameras and settled in our hearts.

Who do I actually mean, when I say “We”?

Our story began in September when a fresh Grüner Grashalm team with new volunteers was born. Since that time there were a lot of adventure, work, inspiration, music, laughing, people, and ideas. When we started off to make initial preparations, trees were in full leaf, and the wind had the summer aftertaste. Apple trees bent under the weight of fruits towards the ground. And now we are sitting in our close circle, drinking apple gigner tea with apple jam (275 Liters of Apple juice were finished off in a month), and look through the window at the bare branches of the chestnut tree.


Till now three projects passed off in Grashalm. By their shadows we are still covered, their resonance is still perceprible in our rooms and in our hearts.

Our first meeting point was a boofe in the Saxon Switzerland where we, 30 people from Germany, Russia, the Ukraine, Poland, and the Check Republic, set off for adventure. In our “One World Change School” Project we combined climbing, hiking, sailing, kayaking and cycling with the brainstorming about future projects. It was the first project that we made with our new team. For some of our participants it was a real challenge to live outside, in the nature. Rain and wind accompanied us on our way. But it was an essential part of our journey. The most important and precious was it for us to get a positiv feedback from our participants.



Peter beim Klettern

Afterwards we came back in cosy and warm Fahren to start working on the project development, to exchange our ideas, and to draw up some draft of possible future projects. The aim was to share our experience in project development and its implementation, to get inspired by each other. Moreover, it was a great opportunity to make contacts, to find new partners, to bring together youngsters from Germany, the Ukraine and Russia with differnet backgrounds so that they could exchange their ideas and experience, and to get motivated and initiative.



Igor Lisin from the “Institute of Animation and Social Development”, Peter Mitchell and Rosey Brown gave us a lot of useful tips in how to make your project great, how to set up goals and priorities, and to put them into action. As a result, all together we developed a detailed plan of the project that will take place in the Ukraine. Thank You for your energy and commitment!



Grashalm und Tango

On the 14th of November in Fahren the whirlpool of music mixed with sounds of feet gliding on the dancefloor started. We were happy to welcome our guests from France. It was a week of Tango dancing. The Project „Entre Deux“ or „Between two“ came about as a result of colloboration between the non-profit organisation from Toulouse „Aqui y Ahora“ and the Grüner Grashalm e.V.  It was definitelly more then just dancing. All participants were invited to take part in the journey in which we learned to understant, to feel, to see ourselves better. When asked to descibe our experience with one word one could hear such words as freedom, weightnessless, laughing, connection, insecurity, river, lightness. Tango with beautiful Natalia Bearzotti made it for us possible to feel the atmosphere of Argentina, to lose ourselves in music, and to find ourselves in the connection between two people. Will this connection bring us in Toulouse and then in Siberia?


Meanwhile our cups with tea became empty. It is time for us to start preparing for the next journey!

To be continued…

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With love,
Yours Grashalmer

Grashalm subbotnik in May

By , 4. January 2013 4:43 pm

Subbotnik – this good old tradition we enjoyed again from the 17th until the 20th of May 2012, youth guides, friends with and without family, sympathizers and sponsors arrived to work together. Highlight of that weekend was the mobile smithy, that Georg made work in front of the garage.

Nearly uninterrupted it worked with real forged carbon and we trained our abilities for smithy tools art. Beautiful ornaments, knives and corkscrews for left-handers have been arised.

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