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Our november

By , 28. November 2016 8:38 pm


Im Reich des Waldes

The autumn bids us frosty but sunny farewell. Our house in Fahren is getting empty. It has been a long time since we have updated our homepage. By now we have experienced a lot, felt a lot, thought a lot, planned a lot and initiated a lot. Many adventurous, breathtaking, happy, exciting moments were captured with our cameras and settled in our hearts.

Who do I actually mean, when I say “We”?

Our story began in September when a fresh Grüner Grashalm team with new volunteers was born. Since that time there were a lot of adventure, work, inspiration, music, laughing, people, and ideas. When we started off to make initial preparations, trees were in full leaf, and the wind had the summer aftertaste. Apple trees bent under the weight of fruits towards the ground. And now we are sitting in our close circle, drinking apple gigner tea with apple jam (275 Liters of Apple juice were finished off in a month), and look through the window at the bare branches of the chestnut tree.


Till now three projects passed off in Grashalm. By their shadows we are still covered, their resonance is still perceprible in our rooms and in our hearts.

Our first meeting point was a boofe in the Saxon Switzerland where we, 30 people from Germany, Russia, the Ukraine, Poland, and the Check Republic, set off for adventure. In our “One World Change School” Project we combined climbing, hiking, sailing, kayaking and cycling with the brainstorming about future projects. It was the first project that we made with our new team. For some of our participants it was a real challenge to live outside, in the nature. Rain and wind accompanied us on our way. But it was an essential part of our journey. The most important and precious was it for us to get a positiv feedback from our participants.



Peter beim Klettern

Afterwards we came back in cosy and warm Fahren to start working on the project development, to exchange our ideas, and to draw up some draft of possible future projects. The aim was to share our experience in project development and its implementation, to get inspired by each other. Moreover, it was a great opportunity to make contacts, to find new partners, to bring together youngsters from Germany, the Ukraine and Russia with differnet backgrounds so that they could exchange their ideas and experience, and to get motivated and initiative.



Igor Lisin from the “Institute of Animation and Social Development”, Peter Mitchell and Rosey Brown gave us a lot of useful tips in how to make your project great, how to set up goals and priorities, and to put them into action. As a result, all together we developed a detailed plan of the project that will take place in the Ukraine. Thank You for your energy and commitment!



Grashalm und Tango

On the 14th of November in Fahren the whirlpool of music mixed with sounds of feet gliding on the dancefloor started. We were happy to welcome our guests from France. It was a week of Tango dancing. The Project „Entre Deux“ or „Between two“ came about as a result of colloboration between the non-profit organisation from Toulouse „Aqui y Ahora“ and the Grüner Grashalm e.V.  It was definitelly more then just dancing. All participants were invited to take part in the journey in which we learned to understant, to feel, to see ourselves better. When asked to descibe our experience with one word one could hear such words as freedom, weightnessless, laughing, connection, insecurity, river, lightness. Tango with beautiful Natalia Bearzotti made it for us possible to feel the atmosphere of Argentina, to lose ourselves in music, and to find ourselves in the connection between two people. Will this connection bring us in Toulouse and then in Siberia?


Meanwhile our cups with tea became empty. It is time for us to start preparing for the next journey!

To be continued…

Dear friend, follow us on our Instagram page – www. instagram. com/gruener.grashalm/

With love,
Yours Grashalmer

Welcome to Fahren!

By , 15. February 2016 4:06 pm

Dear Friends! We are ready to welcome you on board, the ship is waiting!

Having in mind weather changes and your wishes on what you want to learn – we collected some ideas and made a pre-schedule of our journey in Fahren.

The main idea is to get you familiar with the ‘Adventure Learning’ in PRACTICE, meaning – we are going to get you through a process on making your own projects. The projects will be on different levels and budgets, we want to make sure you get familiar with all the steps.

In the beginning we thought of making more of ‘winter actions’ here in Fahren, but since we can’t rely on the weather, we decided to work more on the future projects together with YOU!

We would like to start developing a  winter-adventure-project in Siberia, that will happen in March 2016 and apply our development to the realization of the project.

The next examples of adventure projects we would like to develop with you are those that will happen in Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and France:

  • Very Low Budget Project: Self developed by the participants on 1-2.03.16 (during the training in Fahren)
  • Low Budget Project (up to 2000€): Development of application (for the MitOst festival) until 28.02.16
  • Medium Budget Project (up to20.000€) Development of application for ‘Meet up’ until 15.03.16
  • Hight Budget Project: Developing a strategic partnership with Ersamus+ for next 2-3 years. For that project we have possibility to send 2 people on 1-2.03.16 to Bonn and coach them in development of a Strategic Partnership Project after we develop the ideas with the group.

Who of You is interested to take part in this consulting action (it´s in German)? 


Please let us know when and where you arrive, so we can find best solutions for all of you.

We would like to start the project in the morning on the 20th of February, so it’d be best if you arrive the day before.

Here are some travel tips:

Eleana goes by the car from Poland (Gdańsk) and she has free places, contact her on


Violetta goes by plane from Kiew  to Hamburg on 19.02.16 and has a railway ticket for 5

persons to Wismar. Contact her on


Iliya arrives from Kiew by bus in Rostock on 19.02.16 at 10:35. If more people take this bus ore

can be in Rostock in this time we can plan to hire a Mini Bus and pick You up there.

If you have some outdoor equipment (sleeping bag, sleeping mattress, tent) please bring it with you. Also, don’t forget winter clothes and proper shoes. We are going to spend 2 nights in the nature.

We are looking forward to see you!!!!



PROJECTS 2016 line-up

By , 15. February 2016 4:03 pm


In 2016 we plan a project line-up in which we want to train young people in adventure education and project development on the international, cultural exchange fundaments.

20.02 – 5.03 Kick off meeting takes place in Germany from  in Fahren, the base of our organization.

During that time we want to develop ideas for upcoming projects. The main ideas has already been created by the participants of the projects in 2015, but we are open for new (your) ideas. We want to brainstorm, get to know each other and get the participants familiar with adventure education.

Open for: 7 Ukrainians, 7 polish youth guides, 5 German (update 15.02: we are still searching for 3  Polish paricipants and 4 Germans under 27!! ) Travel and project costs are covered.
21.03 – 14.04.2016 Taiga Adventure in Siberia, East Sayan Mountains and Tiberkul Lake. Age 18+

The project will be based around 4 different villages and a Tiberkul lake, all in Irkuck area, 100 km away from Abakan.

The main ideas for this project are:
1. Outdoor experiences under the winter taiga conditions (about -20 degrees) in the extraordinary landscape, such as: skiing, snowshoeing, pulka, building an igloo.
2. Handcrafting experience while building a block house under wilderness conditions. (On the project in 2015 we have made stone fundaments to the house.)
3. Art experiences including Tango and Acrobatics shared with local people that live in 4 small villages around the area.
This is just a very base of the ideas for the project. Our job in kick off meeting in February is to develop and pimp it up.

Open for: 5 Ukrainians, 5 Russians, 5 French. ( update: we need 3-4 french participants!!) Travel and project costs are covered.
21.05.- 19.06.2016 Ukrainian Pilgrimage Age 18-30

We developed the main idea for this project with participants from UA, RU and Crimea in 2015. We want to make a pilgrimage for peace through different landscape areas in Ukraine. Our prime thought was to walk through those areas and integrate with local people, sharing our culture, experiences and just being together. This project will get more detailed in February.

We are currently searching for a partner organization in Ukraine and in Crimea.


03.-24.07.2016 Refugee-Project , Saxon Switzerland


Many of the war refugees have arrived to Germany, the migration movement also goes through Poland and Ukraine. The project idea is to organize a holiday camp with refugees’ children from 4 countries in Germanys’ most beautiful sandrock climbing area and get to know young refugees on their way.
Open for: 5 Ukrainians + one group leader, 5+1 Polish, 5+1 Russians. Age 14-19


31.07.-21.08.2016 Siberian migrating „One World Café“


This project is a continuation of the same project that happened in summer 2015.
With a portable Yurt and wooden cafeteria we go on journey through villages in South Siberia. Our plan is to do performance cultural events with local people and practical help to support local youth projects. Last year, beside serving coffee to local people, we created a theatre for children, made fire shows and played improvised and folk music with locals by the fire place. We are searching for creative, easy going, open-minded and adaptive people with handcraft, artistic and well developed social skills.

Open for: 9+1 Ukrainians, 9+1 Germans, 9+1 Russians. Aged 16-24. Travel and project costs are supported.


Project development training for youth guides in Saxon Switzerland / October 2016
…more details coming up soon.

FOR NGOs: We are searching for new partners, who can imagine to work with us in Germany, Poland, Ukraine, France, Russia and obviously in all the other countries we have yet not worked with!
If you have any questions, please contact us:
Horst, Georg, Evgeniya and the Grüner Grashalm Team


By , 16. April 2015 3:19 pm

„ONE WORLD Cafe“ and „ONEWORLD CULTURE Cafe“  ( „1-O-CuCa“ ) is a project line, starting in 2015 which brings young people from Europe, Ukraine and Russia into cultural interaction, shows contradictions, talks with enemies and friends and hears their stories, listens, plays and sings each other’s music, views films, learns acrobatics, shares local food and drinks coffee and tea together.

In the first project part from 22.02. – 21.03.2015 is taking place in South Siberia (Russia).
3 groups of young people from Russia and Germany build the material basics for this mobile Cafe :
One yurt in lightweight bamboo style, one little block house, furnitures and Interieurs for the Cafe (4-6 Tachtui, Pillows, colourful blankets). This part take place in a beautiful lake district of the EAST-SAYAN MOUNTAINS. The participants move outdoor with snowshoes and ski, learn to know traditional handcrafters and hunters, live in traditional houses and in one traditional mongolian Yurt with stove and get to practise survival techniques.

In the end we start off the 1-O-Cafe with an offical culture performance together with local people.

Structure: 21 Day Youth Exchange (28.02-21.03.2015)
Participants: 20+3 RU ; 20+3 D
Cordinator: Grüner Grashalm e.V./ Interra

15.04.2015 Intermediate Team Meeting in Beelitz

25.04.2015 After Siberia Meeting in Eisenach ( Border Hessen/ Thüringia)

In the beginning of May (30.04. – 04.05. ) we plan a Teambuilding for the Coordinating Team of 1-O- Cafe.
This could be a White Water  experience on River Black Cheremosh in Ukraine Carpaths
This could be a 5 days sail arround Isle of Rügen in Baltic Sea.
Please get in contact with us, if You want to join the team.

Structure: Teambuilding/ Planning- Meeting
Participants: 12 international
Coordinator: Grüner Grashalm e.V.

In May/June we invite young people from Russia and Poland to Germany for empower their strength for own projects. In the beginning we’ll have intensive Teambuilding in Saxonian Rockclimbing Area (21.05- 29.05).  In this time the P`s will have an Intervall for individual search for purpose on a „Medicine Walk“ within an unknown country.

This should be also preperation for the Vision Quest in September („Visions for Peace“) in the Ukrainian Carpathen Mountains

From 29.05-01.06 is Grashalm Subbotnik and Festival in Fahren.
From 02.06-13.06 we experiance a Sail Away on Baltic Sea and search for tracks of World War I`s biggest Sea battle. The end of this project part will take place in Berlin.

Structure: 12 +12 day international Youth Exchange
Participants: 6 RU; 12 PL; 6 D+X
Coordinator: Grüner Grashalm e.V.

In the third part of the project in July and August 2015, 1-O-Cafe gets an extended version in South Siberia- East Sayan Mountains . We build more furniture and a second Yurt and accomplish the Block-house and go on tour with a multicultural programm around the villages in the siberian countryside. Accomplish Cafe- structure should be with a little team in July. Performance oft he Cafe in the Villages in August with a bigger international Team.

In the 4th part which is nearly directly follow up in beginning of September, we plan a Vision Quest for peace in the ukrainian Carpathien Mountains. Young people from several countries  including Russia and Ukraine stay 4 days and nights alone in nature without food and feel their purpose of being. Afterwards thei bring it (found  self within) into the world.

They develop own projects  in 2 fields and we support realisation.:
1. Little School project in UA –Village
2. Preperation and Participation of MitOst Festival (23.-27.09)

Structure:  12 day Vision Quest + 9 day workcamp
Cordinator : Khata Maysternya/ Deti Taigi / Interra / Grüner Grashalm e.V.
Time 06.09.-27.09. 2015

5th Part will take place in Western-Germany´s former Heart of Capitalism
Nordrheinwestfahlen in October 2015

In a Workcamp the participants reconstruct a ropes course and build additional equippment for 1-O- Cafe. This Part is under construction now. feel free to join the team !

Participants from RU/ UA/D+X

6th Part could be a Youthguide-Training arround New Year 2016 in the Polish High Tatra Mountains, to develop Follow-Up projects and train outdoor Skills.

WE need YOU for further creation, design, Support of this wonderful project !

Join our team with Your skills.

The project needs:

Carpentors, Joiners, Sailors, Tailors and Textile Designers, Bloggers, Video/Foto Specialists, Vision Quest guides, Circus trainers, Musicians, Performers, financial Monitorers and Reporters, Clowns and Your other very special skills.

Don not hesitate  and contact us:

Laura on tour to Siberia

By , 4. January 2013 4:45 pm

Here I’m writing down my little travel story about my tour to Siberia from the middle of December 2011 until the end of February 2012.

At the end of 2011 finally I took the train to Siberia. At 5 o’clock a.m. the Eurocity started in Berlin.

We, Horst and me, with unbelievably lots of luggage had been kindly welcome by the conductor.

He pointed to a little, tiny train compartment, which we could sit and sleep in with two persons one over the other one. (Bunk bed)

We had been going to Moscow within one day, in Belarus some women went through the train and offered something selfmade to eat and to drink. At the border of Belarus they had been changing the wheels of the train for three hours because the size of the rails is different to Europe. We had been arriving Moscow at night. But because of Moscow having different stations, we used to take a taxi to the station, where some hours later the Transsib should start.
Four days later we had been arriving in Krasnoyarsk. There we had been collected at five a.m. by Aleysia and a guy, whose name I forgot unfortunately. They took us to Lena. We decided to stay one more day in Krasnoyarsk to buy some needs – e.g. Walinki (extremely warm Russian boots) and a Russian SIM-card. Then our trip took us one night to Kuragino and from there for two hours with the bus.

In Cheremchanka, Roland, a German guy who had moved to Russia one and a half years ago, collected us from the bus station. With him together we had been walking to his hut for ten minutes. For German conditions, the hut is really small – not more than 15 square meters. Inside there is an oven, a wash basin, a table, a desk and a bed. The toilet is outside. (You think twice before going to toilet at night.) The first days I should sleep at Nastia’s before we were able to solve the “sleeping problem” – three persons in one bed??? Five days later there stood a Bunk bed at the opposite wall to Roland’s bed, where Horst and I could lay down. From this moment we had been sharing the hut with three persons.
At the end of the year we went to Ergaki over Kysil. – There it was minus 45 degrees and I learned what signs for a nearly frozen nose are – it turns white! – When Horst saw my nose turning white, he immediately started rubbing it frantically 

Winter-wandering in Slovakia

By , 31. March 2012 4:48 pm

At the beginning of March 2012, there was a typical Grashalm winter tour in the Low Tatras. With only four persons we had been a small and familiar team.
Already on the first day Tom found a Red deer antler, which we could use as a tent peg later. On the next morning bear traces revealed that we’d been visited over night …

When we made some kilometres by hitch-hiking, the driver would have been stucked without our help.
In a guesthouse we freed ourselves from cold and hangover, before we reached the crest of Low Tatras.
As beautiful as the sun had been shining the days before, as strongly now a heavy storm was yearning around us, we didn’t dare to go on.
Next day all this had been compensated by a heated mountain hut and the view onto sun over the clouds.
Often rain fell onto the snow, so we really had been depending on snow shoes with spikes.
Next year again!!

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