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Von , 11. Juni 2015 10:08 am

We are calling for motivated participants from France, Germany,Russia,Ukraine,Czech Republic and Poland aged between 16 and 30 with skills that can be shared (carpentry, joinery, sewing, cooking, bakery, video, music, arts, artistic, yoga etc.). You want to learn or teach about conflict management, intercultural communications, adventure education? Manage running a cafe in Siberian villages, raft in the wild nature of Russia and Ukraine, travel by TranSib – empower this project with your participation!

ONEWORLD- CULTURE-Cafe“ is a project line starting in 2015 which brings young people from the EU, Ukraine and Russia into dynamic cultural interaction. The projects will create space to expose contradictions, talk with ”enemies” and friends, hear stories from all sides, create and share common experiences, play and sing each others music, watch films, do acrobatics and share international food, coffee and tea together.

The first part of the Oneworld- Culturecafe project will take place in July and August 2015. We will be travelling in South Siberia- The East Sayan Mountains with intimate local experiences throughout several different villages.

  • July: We will build furniture and a yurt for the travelling culture cafe along with accomplishing the completion of a little block house. This stage will be implemented with a small team of seven participants.
  • August: We will go on a rafting tour with the multicultural yurt cafe through the villages along the river Kassyr in the Siberian countryside. We will stop temporarily in each village to set up the cafe and enact our dynamic program where there will be culture, art, food, coffee, tea and exchange in an expressive and creative space developed by the participants themselves. This will be enacted with a bigger international team of approximately 30 participants from Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, France and others.

The selected participants will travel all together with the Transsiberian Railway from Moscow to Abakan (4 days).

Structure: 14 days preparation team 17.-31. July 2015 ( 7 participants)

21 days main action with the ONEWORLD Cafe 01.-21. August 2015

(6×5 participants)

Coordinator: Deti Taigi / Interra / Grüner Grashalm e.V.

Participation fee: 100 – 300€ (depending on country and incomes, details per mail)

Application deadline: 29.06.2015

Applications to:, Contact: Horst Weinlich, Mob.: +49 1758755125

In the next part which follows up in September we plan a vision quest for peace in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains with young people from several countries including Russia and Ukraine. This involves 4 days of preparation , 4 days vision quest and 4 days of conclusion with different introspective and group bounding activities. The actual vision quest involves 4 days and nights alone in wonderful nature settings, without food, to come into contact with ones purpose of being and much, much more. Afterwards we will explore what we discovered internally and bring it into action and out into the world.

In this stage the participants will have the chance to develop their own projects in 2 fields, where we will support their realisation in:

A Little School project in a Ukranian village

Preparation of and participation in the MitOst Festival (23.-27.09)

Structure: 12 day Vision Quest + 9 days workcamp

Cordinator : Khata Maysternya/ Deti Taigi / Interra / Grüner Grashalm e.V.

Time 06.09.-27.09. 2015

Participation fee: 100 – 300 € ( depending on incomes and country)

Application deadline: 01.09.2015

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